April Fool or Apri-FULLNESS?

April-FULLNESS Is About To Begin, I Am Marching Out Excellently If there’s something well attached to the fourth month of year, that gets people talking, April fool is. Every April of the year, people tend to prank on others…and not just people, corporate organizations occasionally do prank on their customers and users just to have […]

Abundance or Lack?

We are living in a universe of abundance that recognises no lack nor shortages. Have you ever noticed something when you fly in an airplane? The large expanse of land and the lavish spread of resources is so stunning you immediately see how impossible it is to exhaust them even with 10 times the number […]

Got this gift from Blockchain Centre’s conference in Ibadan

Guess what happened today at #IbadanBlockchainConference held at Ibadan Business School, Bodija. These amazing guys Tobi and Peter gave me a special gift. It was a fun-filled experience having to speak alongside the big guys in the industry across the continent of Africa. Guys, let’s keep impacting #knowledge about this breakthrough solution called #Blockchain technology. […]

Why must it be you?

When others are having solutions to every problem, don’t have excuses for every failure. When others are planing for tomorrow, don’t play your time away. When others are taking calculated risks, don’t live in perpetual fear of unknown. When others are happy despite the odds, don’t lose hope on what others have achieved in the […]

Children of Marchadays!

I intend to do a long post article this March to celebrate the children of Marchadays! Children of marchadays are special kind of people born in the month of March. These people are special being with a very rare persobality and hunger for success. Children of Marchadays hardly relent on fulfilling their destinies. For no […]