Plans for growing businesses

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Beggars Association

I won’t be surprised one day if I woke up to seeing a banner displaying “ASSOCIATION OF BEGGARS OF________” It is appalling and worrying the way young minds have resolved to collection of alms as the way forwards towards escaping their self-proclaimed recession. We need mental shift from thinking we are powerless whereas we are […]

Recession mentality

Drive yourself out of the feeling of walloping in #Recession…and you’ll see that tables are really turning. This is your time to create your own #NigeriaStory. Stop seeing what’s bad about your country, embrace the recession and make something positive out of it. Time of recession is another time for destiny rearrangement and self discovery. […]

This Guy Knows Everyone

Many Eastern philosophers believe that attachment is the root of all unhappiness,and I tend to agree. When you become attached to something,someone,or a particular result,you unwittingly attach your happiness to it as well. Overly attached people are generally very needy,which is an unattractive quality that will actually push the desired outcome further away. In network […]