17 August 2016

Who am I?

Who am I to be well favored? Who am I to be where I am today? Who am I to have financial freedom? Who am I to enjoy life like a king? Who am I to be called with the Most High’s name (an Heir to the Throne of Grace)? Who am I to write […]

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02 August 2016

Warning: These people are stealing from you!

I’ve got this really quick message to pass across to you from my millionaire mentor, Les Brown. He has been of great influence to my being. You’ve got to believe me, Les is a father-like figure for me and for this reason alone, I can’t afford to be too far-away from him. I read his […]

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01 August 2016


I’m so blessed to be among the luckiest lots that’d be alive to witness this special month of the year. God had been really great to me and my family, my business associates and partners across the world and my wellwishers. July was a month that many could remembered as an unforgettable month, but August […]

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