Collection of Myles Munroe Condolence Messages

After Myles Munroe death, here are condolencesĀ from people Though we’d have wished Dr. Myles Munroe to be very much alive with us, but the bible has said that the saints will be “taken up against the days of evil” according to Isaiah 57:1b. “and merciful men are taken away, and none considering that the righteous […]

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01 November 2014

Breaking Forth: My trip to Abuja, a record-breaking experience

Traveling for me has always been a thing of joy – I’m an adventurous type of being. My kind of business model has givenĀ me the privilege of traveling places all over the world – even though, I’m yet to launch into the deep by maximizing this special, and yet attractive feature of my work model, […]

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