Have you been to South Africa, West Africa, North Africa, or East Africa in the past?

What You Don’t See on TV…about AFRICA!

News and media firms will not display beautiful and well-terraced scenes and landscape of Africa cities on their TV programmes for just one bad reason, they are agent of confusion! You are advised to STOP listening to them, if you crave personal development. Listening to bad news on regular basis build a form of fence […]

H2i - Helping Hands International Hyundai Elantra and iPad on offer

Is H2i really Touching Lives and Empowering People?

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=”BREAKING NEWS: I’m off H2i network for my personal reasons! I’m going to write a new article explaining what my reasons are, and why you should stay-put for now. But you can continue reading the post below for your learning sake while you know vividly that your actions afterward are solely yours. Thanks”] [/thrive_text_block] Helping Hands! […]