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Be Your Own Assistant by Following Rob Hatch Formula

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!The value of a good assistant is difficult to overstate. The idea of someone preparing your day so you have the information you need right when you need it, would make life and work so much easier. How would your […]


March Forward

Actually, those who give up lose. Only strong people are respected and admired. To trick the world don’t show your weaknesses! Of cause, everybody can be upset or disappointed, however only close people should know about it, but only if they are able to support and help you. Other people don’t care about your problems. […]


I’m moving close to my Traveling goals’ accomplishment

Last year, by exactly this time of the year, I traveled to Port Harcourt for then, the launching of Alliance In Motion Global Port Harcourt retail center atbNo 45, WOJI ROAD, OFF OLU-OBASANJO, Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria. I narrated my experience and different places we glanced and visited along our journeys through the Eastern […]


Kano trip updates

Amazing, splendid, interesting…and FUNTASTIC are my definitions for my trip to the most popular city in the northern part of Nigeria. From now on, I will be documenting everything worth learning from my Kano trip. Ride with me as I unveil the mission and project tagged “AIM Kano 2016”. Before I continued, let me quickly […]


T’is the season

Yeah, this is what I’m talking about! Christmas is here again…I’m glad I’m part of this year’s celebration. Let’s discuss how you spend your Christmas holiday. How meritorious was your Xmas?

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