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LET GO: The Art of Letting Go for God To Rule and Reign In Your Life

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!In my early morning rising update today, I have something to quickly share with you. I was just browsing through my facebook wall, I stumbled upon something that caught my attention and I cannot just learn from it alone without sharing […]


What happened to SEPTEMBER? Is that why we are in October?

So, we’ve left that month of September for October? I can’t just believe everything is moving faster than expected.   Wow, this is beginning of greatness!   September meant different thing to us all. To me, it was one of the most interesting months in my career! I mean the most busiest and most challenging […]


Is 999 real? Or it is just another form of fallacy?

Today is supposedly one of the most powerful manifesting days of the year. Why? Because it’s 9-9-9 (September= 9th month, 27th = 2+7=9, 2016 = 2+0+1+6 = 9). I have a skeptical part of me that doesn’t believe that today is any different than any other day. However, before I share my skepticism, I’ll share what 999 means. 9 is […]


Warning: These people are stealing from you!

I’ve got this really quick message to pass across to you from my millionaire mentor, Led Brown. He has been of great influence to my being. You’ve got to believe me, Les is a father-like figure for me and for this reason alone, I can’t afford to be too far-away from him. I read his […]


Can You Do What I Did? – Sam Adeyemi

Today, your life is changing for the better. Some think that rich people are rich because they are lucky. In other words, many believe that becoming rich is a game of chance. This is a wrong assumption. Maybe you were born into a poor family like I was and you are wondering if you can […]

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